04 March 2018

Release Notes v3.2.12

See the full list of issues resolved in this release.

Here are the release highlights:

  • RYA-342 - Improved documentation for deploying the RYA PCJ Updater

  • RYA-368 - Created a Rya Shell for MongoDB

  • RYA-440 - Integrated RyaStreams with the Rya Shell

  • RYA-303 - Added PCJ indexer support for MongoDB backend

  • RYA-417 - Implemented a forward-chaining rules engine that runs as a batch process, operates on user-defined SPIN rules, and inserts derived information back in Rya

  • RYA-416 - Added the ability to use the MongoDB aggregation pipeline to evaluate simple SPARQL expressions for MongoDB backend

  • RYA-377 - Implemented single node Kafka streams incremental SPARQL processor